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Some successful projects 

RusLab Equipment Database (2003)
In Gas and Oil industry, in Chemical industry’s plants there are a lot of vessels, pipelines and other technical units, equipments, armatures etc., which are working with aggressive liquids, explosive gas and other emergency environments. These devices are working under strong technical control with tests and overviews on regular basis. RLE is proposed for the control process organization, scheduling and reporting. The system is developed for working with 100 thousands devices which can be organized according to administrative enterprise structure(s).
This is 3-tiers system with MS SQL on Database tier, dynamic XML .Net services on the middle tier and MFC client.
User can configures GUI, technical units data and business rules by the administrative application. GUI configuration: fields, grids and other control’s properties are stored in database. In the client the XML storage for GUI and data is implemented for minimizing network traffic and the client’s stand-alone working possibility.
The most important of the middle tier functionality are the following: the data checking for conformity to the normative documents and creation of the XML response with required to the client data only, according to the stored in the database GUI settings and client request’s details. About two hundreds dialogs and forms are configured in the system and more than ten thousands devices (about 50 properties for each) are imported to the system from MS Excel files.

WAFMS (Web Application Framework Menu System) (2000-2002)
One Scandinavia Company (Company) has bought a lot of small IT services companies with a lot of applications and with a lot of their customers, of course. For integration the Company required common framework for controlling these applications, rights management in common basis, data replication, common platform for licensing and distribution.
On the first stage Menu System was developed. Menu System is a system that provides the Company-wide Intranet solution for controlling Framework Application’s using by the Company’s customers. Also Menu System includes facility for installations and licenses management.
The Framework Applications receive from Menu System rights and other information for connecting to their data sources. Rights are assigned through the Administration application with the help of roles. Customers call Framework Applications via Menu System according to their rights.
At the second stage Web-interface for Menu System and Web GUI control tools kit for Web Applications Framework (WAF SDK) were developed. WAF SDK is intended to help the Company in rapid development of uniform applications based on the following technologies VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WebForms, WebServices etc.

The main technological challenges of this project were:
a. Communication via HTTP between server and clients based on Win32 platforms (including Win95), because .NET does not support Win95,
b. Data replication with a lot of applications specific databases, because all databases have different structures,
c. Use of MS SQL 7&2k and Oracle 7&8 with the stored procedures on the server side, because the Middle Tier should be compatible with both DBMS families
d. Special security requirements: continual user identification, different access level depending on the customer’s organizational structure,
e. Traditional GUI standard used by the Company behaves not alike Windows standard interface and not alike Web-controls standard interface.
This project was successfully done. The system is distributes by the Company. Now the next version of the product is in development.